Introducing CluePoints' Ground-Breaking Site Inspection Readiness Service 

CluePoints’ ground-breaking Site Inspection Readiness service, RADARTM, enables sponsors to achieve a data-quality driven understanding of risk upon which to base high-impact site inspection readiness activities. Our Data Analysts will undertake a comprehensive statistical analysis of all study data using CluePoints’ Central Statistical Monitoring Platform, to provide an inspection readiness report.

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  •    Quickly identify 'at risk' sites and patients based on objective statistical     results, unlike any other Site Inspection Readiness service 
  •    Produce a ranking of study sites by their risk severity, highlighting key       discrepancies and anomlaies across site and patient data
  •    Obtain a list of targeted Clinical Data Signals for review 
  •    Gain full traceability via an auditable and documented process
  •    Achieve immediate value using CluePoints’ team of experts by side-           stepping the lengthy planning, decision making and software                     implementation

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