Post-COVD Data Quality Assessment

The CluePoints Post-COVID Trial Assurance Solution goes beyond traditional Key Risk Indicators to evaluate ALL (yes, 100%) of the clinical data to assess expected risks while also identifying data anomalies which might indicate unexpected risks – surfacing issues which can only be found by leveraging CluePoints’ Central Statistical Monitoring Platform. Furthermore, CluePoints can provide the resources to do all of the heavy lifting and work with the study team to create a plan to mitigate risk and document what’s been done to mitigate the risk/s and the improvements that were observed as a result.

The Post-COVID Trial Assurance Solution also includes (subject to expert consultation as to what will work best on your specific study or studies):

✓ Comprehensive Central Statistical Analysis: a complete unsupervised analysis of ALL clinical data to uncover unknown risks in your trial.
✓ Key Risk Indicators: by harnessing the power of statistical algorithms, our Key Risk Indicator module provides a convenient way to monitor how sites are performing versus the metrics that are important to the trial.
✓ Patient Profiles: by coupling Patient Profiles with Central Statistical Monitoring, patients can be ranked by their relative degree of atypicality, allowing clinical teams to get the patients that need reviewed, faster.
✓ Duplicate Patients: if the existence of 'professional patients' participating in the trial is a concern, our Duplicate Patients module can identify them so that any sign of enrolment abuse can be investigated.