Paving the way for success with centralized monitoring recording


Centralized Monitoring is proving to be the most efficient and effective way for clinical research teams to ensure the safety of patients, reliability of trial results, and even to reduce study timelines. The successful implementation of Centralized Monitoring requires thoughtful planning, including process reform and alignment, cross-functional engagement, and the right technology.

Watch this recording with our Senior Clinical Data Analyst and Subject Matter Expert, Jen Campbell, to learn about paving the way for your organization to succeed with Centralized Monitoring and:

✓ The benefits of an individualized approach to monitoring.
✓ Turning study insights into actionable metrics.
✓ Identifying the correct metrics to track in order to avoid “risk fatigue”.
✓ The people skills required to drive communication and critical thinking.
✓ Translating statistical tests and documenting outcomes.

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