Pinpoint Data Quality Issues with CluePoints' Data Quality Oversight Service 

CluePoints' Data Quality Oversight service identifies atypical centres, countries, regions and patients. Data is comprehensively analyzed to get a quality stamp on data submitted. This ensures that data submitted to Regulatory Authorities is of the appropriate quality and affords sponsors with the ultimate risk mitigation tool to enable Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM).

We'd love to learn more about your needs. Please complete the form and we'll show you how to:

  •    Pinpoint data quality issues
  •    Introduce Key Risk indicators (KRIs) based on output of Data Quality         Assessment 
  •    Identify discrepancies across primary endpoint and safety data with           extreme data scores to focus on areas which matter most in the study
  •    Define critical domains within studies, such as safety data or                     primary/secondary endpoints, with a view to analyzing only the data           that matter 
  •    Analyze variables relevant to the critical elements and surface                   significant anomalies across sites
  •    Drill down into outliers and determine any corrective action required

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