Risk-Based Monitoring - What We've Learned in a year, a Large Pharma Perspective from Sanofi

Webinar recorded on May 28, 2014

Francois Torche, CluePoints CEO
Eric Genevois-Marlin, Vice President of Biostatistics and Programming, Sanofi
Karen Fanouillere, Biostatistics Project Leader, Sanofi - Biostatistics and Programming

In this webinar recording, learn about how Sanofi-Aventis harnessed Central Statistical monitoring techniques to improve data quality and oversight. This session showcases the impact that Sanofi has had on enhancing its technology-driven approach.

Sanofi started to investigate general issues around scientific misconduct back in 2008 with IDDI (CluePoints' parent company) and went on to implement Central Statistical Monitoring with CluePoints in 2012.














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